Hotels in Tanah Rata

If you are planning to go on a trip, Cameron Highlands could undoubtedly stand out as a wonderful destination. As one of the towns in Cameron Highlands, Tanah Rata is a place that has a flat ground area despite being in a highland district. It is the largest town in Cameron Highland, hus making it easy to access basic facilities such as restaurants, tourist attractions, and accommodation.


1. Casa dela Rosa

The name “Casa dela Rosa” hails from Spanish origins, translating to “House
of Roses” in English. Opting for the penthouse suites promises a lavish
experience, while the unique rooms offer their own panoramic garden and golf


2. Zetter Suites

Zetter Suites draws inspiration from the Victorian era, representing
sophistication and superior comfort. This boutique hotel provides a
combination of modern aesthetics and the surrounding natural beauty of the
highland. Having its own identity, Zetter Suites allows guests to experience a
fancy stay at an affordable rate..


3. Heritage Hotel

It is an English themed accommodation that can be found in the heart of
Tanah Rata. In case you are planning to celebrate any special occasion, you
can request room decoration for precious moments with loved
ones.Additionally, it serves as an ideal choice for business trips, offering
meeting and conference packages.


4. ESM Hotel

If you are tight on budget, then maybe ESM hotel might be a good option for
you. This hotel provides a comfortable and clean environment with a wide
choice of room availability, starting from as low as MYR80 per night.


5. The Backyard Glamping


The trend of glamping has skyrocketed since the past few years and if you
have yet to experience it, now is your chance. Here in Tanah Rata, you can
enjoy camping in a comfortable environment where you do not have to set up
a tent on your own. Just simply check in and you can be immersed in the
great outdoors.