Tanah Rata

Tanah Rata
Tanah Rata is the centre of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. It is one of the small towns for tourists to explore Cameron Highlands. With temperatures up to 50 F at night, it is a great place to relax for visitors to escape the heat and humidity of Southeast Asia. Tanah Rata has several public facilities such as community hospitals, post offices, government offices and shops. In fact, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds these cities.

Interesting Places at Tanah Rata

There are many interesting places you can visit around Tanah Rata, including:

  • Palas Boh River Tea Plantation and Bharat Tea – Visitors have the opportunity to see the planting and harvesting process until the product is ready. In fact, guests can enjoy a cup of hot tea at the cafe while enjoying the beautiful panoramic views surrounding the cafe. Light scones and light sandwiches are great to eat together.
  • Cactus Valley – There are many types of cactus here and visitors can find beautiful and cute cactus for as little as RM 10 for 3 small cactuses.
  • Strawberry Farm – Cold weather is ideal for growing strawberries. For this reason, Cameron Highlands is an ideal location for the crop. Visitors can pick their own fresh strawberries from the tree, enjoy chocolate-covered strawberry ice cream and sour strawberry jam – sweet.
  • Honey farms – There are honey farms such as “madu tualang” which is a wild honey harvested from the wild.
  • Roses – So many beautiful flowers that you can bring home at a cheaper price than the ones at the flower shop.
  • Lavender Farm – Visitors will find an area filled with lavender flowers so beautiful and so beautiful. It’s like being abroad when you take pictures here.
  • Night Markets – Open every weekend and a variety of local foods to try like tasty balls, sweet potatoes, pancakes, apam and more.
  • Vegetable Market – Fresh vegetables are available here and can be purchased at very cheap prices.
  • Mah Meri Art Gallery – Mah Meri is an ancient tribe living on Carey Island, Selangor. However, in Cameron Highlands, their crafts in wood carving were on display at the Mah Meri Art Gallery, Tanah Rata. Many masks and wood carvings have been awarded the

UNESCO Seal of Excellence.


How To Get There

By Car : Drive from Tapah or Simpang Pulai, Perak or from Kuala Lumpur 

By Bus : From Kuala Lumpur take about five hours, from Ipoh take about two hours and take five hours from Butterworth  


Hotels at Tanah Rata


Things To Do

Visit a bee farm
Find tranquility at Robinson Waterfalls
Take in beauty at the Flower Festival
Eat strawberries
Walk through Cactus Valley
Go golfing
Touring tea plantation
Visit Mah Meri Art Gallery