Gunung Senyum Recreational Forest

Gunung Senyum was first opened as a ‘recreational forest’ on the 14th July 1989 and was officially managed by the Temerloh Forestry of Pahang. Apart from its matchless tree species, Gunung Senyum too offers attractive and unique landscapes such as the mysterious caves to explore, as well as jungle trails to follow. Gunung Senyum Recreational Forest covers area of 794 hectares and is located in compartment of 1, 2, 3 and 4, Jengka Forest Reserve. Here, in Gunung Senyum you can find two limestone hills, namely Gunung Senyum and Gunung Jebak Puyoh. Gunung Senyum stands 550m high. There are more than 20 caves in the hill which can be explored. Some are archaeological sites. Gunung Jebak Puyuh is further away and offers an exciting jungle trek to reach its caves.

Even through Gunung Senyum isn’t well known among visitors, the Gunung Senyum Recreational Forest is an interesting destination for those interested in caving and trekking. There is a Hutan Lipur Rangers office by the car park and camping ground. The climb can be slippery and slip, thus it is not suitable for children/obese/senior citizen who are not used to hiking or people with disability.

Hotels near Gunung Senyum

Teratak Sekayu

Teratak Sekayu is located at Kuala Krau, not too far away from Gunung Senyum.


Gua Rangkak (Crawling Caves)

Gua Rangkak literary means crawling caves, visitor will have to craw through the entrance before they are able to enter the proper cave. The cave entrance is only 1.5km height. Once visitor finished the crawl, the cave ceiling has a 15 meter height. The foot of the cave has scribbles that looks like ancient writings. These are natural formation due to erosion from water droplets that happened for million of years.

How To Get There

The nearest town from Gunung Senyum is Kuala Krau

Located 40km from Temerloh, and 20km from Pusat Jengka.

By Road : From the mainKuantan to Kuala Lumpur road in the Temerloh area, there are 2 or 3 turn offs all signposted to Hutan Lipur (Recreational Forest) Gunung Senyum. One is by the east end of the bridge at Temerloh, one at Kampung Awah. Follow the signs. 40km, from Bandar Pusat Jengka.

By Water : Visitors who love challenging activities would want to endure the ‘crossing over’ Sungai Pahang, that drastically streams down to Gunung Senyum. Sungai Pahang is promising a memorable experience for everyone.



Things to do

  • Hiking , this can be quite a challenging route



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