Teresek View Motel


Get the best of the three experiences, Adventure, Nature and Discovery. Begin your noctunal journey to the wild and discover the vast attractions of the ever popular Taman Negara. Its rich with various adventures and its flora and fauna.

See the wonders of mother nature for yourselves.

We offer you 38 rooms in total and some with air conditioned for extra comfort and fan run for the ordinary. We also have chalets and A Hut for wider choice of accommodation. And for those who prefer the outdoor experience, we have the camping site available.

A conference/meeting room is available for family workshop, Company meetings and motivational training.

We also provide laundry service for you to enjoy your holidays. During your leisure, you can lay your hands on the billiard table at the motel. And to complete your holiday, there is a bar-be-que pit for your use.


The motel is located at Taman Negara and the centers of activities are nearby to the motel. The motel can be reached at 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur and by two alternative ways:

First Route:
Through boat rides from Kuala Tembeling Jetty in Jerantut. The journey will take you through adventures and natural habitat for about 3 hours.

Second Route:
Overland will minus the experience gained above direct to Taman Negara via FELDA Padang Piol. A scheduled public transport is available for this purpose..
Transport can be arranged upon request.



This is a bare basic old motel located at Taman Negara. it is very easy access to Taman Negara is is centrally located in the village with great access to foods , grocery shop and floating restaurants. Do not expect anything fancy