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Janda Baik

Janda Baik also known as “the good widow” in Malay. It’s a simple traditional village   surrounded by dense forests, waterfalls and river. Janda Baik has approximately 5000 population and located 45km from Kuala Lumpur. It is perhaps just 20 minutes drive away from nearest district Gombak.  This is one of the popular place for holiday and recreational activities for city folks. Due to its strategic place, it attracted many visitors to seek rest and recreation activities. Visitors will surely enjoy the natural beauty here while listening to the waterfall. The temperature around here is between 23° and 28°Celsius during the day and below 22°Celsius in the evenings. There are so many place and activities you can explore while in holiday here. These are interesting places to explore and enjoy the unique experience.

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  • Pulau Santap : The meeting between the Bunus and the Ceringging river is the origin of the Janda Baik. In the early days, there was a small island that Sultan Abu Bakar from Pahang having his meal. Santap is derived from Palcae language which means having meal and that is where it got its name. The small island is no longer visible, but visitors still come and picnic here or take a bath because of its shallow water.
  • Ulu Tampit Waterfall. This place is highly recommended to visit known as Ulu Tampit Waterfall and is located in Latto Charok. Ulu Tampit Waterfall is a very fun place. There are seven levels of waterfall and the 4th, 5th and 7th floors are the most visited. It takes about 45 minutes of trekking and hiking through the forest to reach the top level. During the rainy season, you are not encouraged to go there because the water is cloudy and there are plenty of buds or leeches and also can cause you to fall down during a slippery climb. On the 5th floor of the waterfall, the panoramic view is magnificent while the 7th floor is the perfect place to soak your feet in the water. The water is very cold and a little deep, but you will not be carried by the stream. This is because it is one of the safest waterfalls to dive into. Kids are the best and enjoy playing on the 5th floor waterfall.
  • Mount Nuang : Gunung Nuang is the highest mount in Selangor (1493m). It is among the famous mountain for local and foreign trekkers. You can go hiking to Gunung Nuang through Janda Baik and it takes about 11 hours journey from the main entrance. 

How To Get There

By Car : Drive from Kuala Lumpur just 45 km. Take the KL – Gombak Highways, after the first tunnel take a left turn, follow by a U-turn into the petrol station Petronas and follow the signage to Kg Janda Baik. 

By Train : Take a train Putra LRT to Gombak station.and take a cab or eHailing to Janda Baik. It will cost about RM100 per way. 



Things To Do

  • Camping
  • Waterfall hikes
  • Enjoying cool breeze water dipping
  • Picnic
  • River trekking
  • Jungle survival skills
  • Educational programmes
  • Camping
  • Riverside Picnic
  • Adventure Course
  • ATV
  • Paintball
  • Lake rafting
  • Horse riding
  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Mini zoo
  • Tudor House
  • Archery
  • Mud futsal
  • Fun team games
  • Hot springs