Sungai Lembing | Sg Lembing Town

Sungai Lembing is a small town located in Kuantan district, Pahang. It is located about 42 km (26 miles) northwest of Kuantan and has 1001 mining history since 1906. Around the 1900s, Sungai Lembing, which is also known the Eastern El Dorado, was famous for its tin mining activities when the British company, Pahang Consolidated Company Limited (PCCL) established the tin mining industry after mining activities began in 1886.

In a period of 100 years, this mine has successfully produced 13 million metric tons of rough tin ore which can produce 150,000 metric tons of tin concentrate. As a result, Sungai Lembing Town became a commercial centre and the first movie theatre in Asia and the first hospital in Pahang were also built there. However, in 1986, the price of ore began to decline to such an extent that PCCL had to stop operations and mine workers gradually left the town and migrated to other areas for survival.

Sungai Lembing Tin Mine

There are 14 tin mines around Sungai Lembing and one of the longest is Lombong Mayah which is about 355 kilometres long and 700 meters deep. This mine is underground and the deepest in the world. Lorong Mayah has an elevator structure to go to a depth of around 1400 feet which is the deepest level and shows ​​the challenges and risks of tin mining. In addition to mines, there are other metals in the same area including copper, iron, zinc and a small percentage gold.

Another famous Lorong is Lorong Sejuta which has a story involving the location of a small cave being a place for 20 miners who were doing illegal activities due to their unpaid wages.

Visitors can travel into this mine which will certainly give a unique experience where they have the opportunity to ride a mini wagon train or locomotive for 80 meters. In addition, visitors have to walk inside the mine and can see the information found on the tunnel walls. Visitors are charged RM15.90 for adults, RM7.95 (children) for local visitors while RM31.80 for adults and children (RM15.90) ​​for foreign tourists.

Now, Sungai Lembing Town has become one of the tourist destinations in Pahang in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year. This destination became a popular attraction when it became an important symbol of the beginning of Pahang’s modern history through the British colonization of Malaya. Sungai Lembing Town has been revived as a heritage tourism attraction with the opening of the Sungai Lembing Museum. Further government investment makes this area one of the important tourist attractions in Pahang.


Getting there

There are bus from Kuantan