Rompin Beach Resort

The resort is an ideal tranquility heaven and is the most perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. You could either play around the beaches or sample our specially designed swimming pool.

The 46 room resort is a hotel and a beach resort in nature. The rooms as well as suite are elegantly designed and are perfectly tailored to suit in individual and family needs.

We offer a comfortable standard and presents relaxing ambience of nature. From the resort you can savor the fabulous sea views that usher you to an idyllic seaside retreat of leisure and the water activities. One such way is to experience the ‘pukat tarik’ activity, a traditional way of catching fish.
Volleyball, tennis or table tennis, telematches, darts or even cycling are some array of activities that are made available in this resort.

Besides, we do not simply abandoned the games popularised by the people of yesteryears. Games such as ‘Congkak’, ‘Konda Konde’, ‘Galah Panjang’ and ‘Getah Cabang’ are some of the games you can try yourselves during the leisure hours whilst at the resort.



42 Deluxe rooms and 4 family room, 64 chalets & 2 executive studio

Cafe serving Malaysian as well as Western delicacies

Indoor and outdoor games

Conference room

Swimming pool

Ample parking area

Color TV / ASTRO

Mini Fridge and Hot Showers

Other standard amenities

Coffee/tea making facilities

Hot Shower


Rompin Beach Resort is located on the Pahang Southern Coast of Kuala Rompin. From Kuala Lumpur it takes 4 hours drive by personal car and 5.5 hours by bus. Where as from Kuantan, you spend about 1.5 hours by personal car and 2.5 hours journey by bus. It takes 6 hours by bus and 4 hours by personal car from Singapore.