Rainbow Waterfall Sungai Lembing

Rainbow Waterfall Sungai Lembing

Sungai Lembing, Pahang was famous as the deepest tin mine in the world centuries ago. However, now it is also famous for its nature that attracts many visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature known as Rainbow Waterfall. It is located about 16 kilometers from the city. At first, Rainbow Waterfall was only famous among local people, but after it went viral, it’s become more popular of many people, especially during weekend. It is definitely a suitable location for someone who need peace of mind.


Rainbow Waterfall got its name from the rainbow phenomenon that occurs in this waterfall and the scenery in this location is like a fantasy movie. It is also listed as the most beautiful waterfall in Malaysia by TripAdvisor in 2017. Because of this, Rainbow Waterfall is becoming famous of many people. Visitors who come will certainly capture beautiful moments with family and friends. Visitors who manage to arrive here will definitely bathe and feel for the clarity of the waterfall found in Rainbow Waterfall. The splash of the waterfall from a height of 250 meters along with the refraction of rainbow colors will certainly give an experience that may not be forgotten.


How To Get To Rainbow Waterfall Sungai Lembing

Visitors who want to go to Rainbow Waterfall have two options either by riding a 4 x 4 vehicle or by trekking if they have good physical strength. For those who do not have their own 4 x 4 vehicle, they can ride in the vehicle provided by local residents to get there. It is also known as ‘Taxi’ by the locals where the 4 x 4 vehicle has been modified to allow it to accommodate more passengers. A small fee is charged to visitors who use this vehicle. It is recommended that visitors use the 4 x 4 vehicle service provided because if they use their own vehicle, the possibility of getting stranded in the middle of the forest is high.


The journey through the forest area takes almost an hour. However, the 4 x 4 vehicle service will only take visitors up to the campsite in Lubuk Beruk. For those who want to camp, you can set up a tent in this area using your own equipment. However, if you do not want to spend the night, visitors need to continue their journey with trekking activities to the Rainbow Waterfall area because the 4 x 4 service ends at the campsite area only. For easily trekking, visitors can also hire a registered and certified tour guide.


If you come with your family, make sure to wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Safety must always be priority especially if you bring small children. Visitors have to walk for about 45 minutes to get to the waterfall and have to cross the strong river flow even though it is shallow. The available path is also quite steep and a little slippery if it’s just after rain (depending on the weather). If you arrive at the right time, visitors can see the rainbow from afar. However, if you arrive a little late, you may not be able to see the rainbow if the sun is already directly overhead because at this time the refraction process is difficult to occur.


Tips For Climbing Rainbow Waterfalls

  • Make sure to hire a registered tour guide
  • Make sure to wear appropriate clothing, especially appropriate shoes
  • Bring a durable waterproof bag for storing electronics and other items
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary items
  • Bring food (if necessary) and at least one bottle of mineral water
  • To get a bigger and more spectacular view of the rainbow, make sure you arrive between 9 and 10 am