Museum Tokoh , Kuantan

To establish an institution for acquiring and exhibiting the life stories of the ‘heroes’ of Pahang. It documents their sacrifice and struggle, and shows their achievements.
The utilisation of the word ‘TOKOH’ bears a broad meaning. The Museum of the state of Pahang, commemorates the loyal ‘heroes’ from all walks of life who have contributed to Pahang by their efforts, skills, excellent service, and other contribution towards the state.
Initially it was called the Museum Pahlawan, but later the name was changed to Museum Tokoh without changing its concept. This was accepted by the Museum Board of Pahang in October 1966.
The present building which was completely renovated on the 24th February 1999 was initally constructed in 1910, during the British ruling period. It was first used as the Kuantan district Office. Then in 1948, the building was renovated and served as Pejabat Kerajaan Daerah Kuantan. It also housed the Pejabat Perairan dan Saliran, Pejabat Perhilitan, Pejabat Pesaka and Pejabat Penghulu Mukim Kuantan until 1993.
On top of having a unique architectural value, this is among the few remaining that has a historical setting. It has been identified in the few remaining that has a historical setting. It has been identified in the Cultural Zoning Area as a place to gather the various artefacts, information, and documents relating to the ‘heroes’ of Pahang.
Museum Tokoh Negeri Pahang
Jalan Masjid, 25000, Kuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel : 609-516 1328
Fax : 609-516 1327