Gua Charas (Kuantan)

In the Malay language the word ‘Gua’ means cave. The Charas caves lay about 25 kilometers northwest of Kuantan at Panching on the Sungai Lembing road.

Formed millions of years ago and carved out by the forces of nature these caves offer an interesting sojourn. This limestone caves just out from the surrounding lowlands and a 20 foot climb the metal stairs is necessary.

In the interior of the cave is a small statue of Buddha and the monk’s living quarters. Further inside is a 30 foot long statue of the reclining Buddha. The cave is lighted by using a generator operated by the monk.

How To Get There

Charas caves is located at Panching on the Sungai Lembing road.

By Road : From Kuantan, it takes about 45 minutes drive (30km). Taxi and bus services are available to Charas caves. From Kuantan, you take a bus from the local bus station towards Sg. lembing. The bus will stop at the junction leading to the Charas cave.

Things To Do

Visit the cave temple and see the reclining Buddha.