Fraser Hill hotel

There are a few hotels in Fraser hills. These are mostly scattered around the town away from the clocktower.


Shazan Inn Fraser’s Hill

Perhaps one of the most proper hotel in Fraser hill. Guest can park for free. The hotel is just a few minutes walk away from the clock tower.  Guest can enjoy unlimited buffet breakfast.



The hill at Fraser Hill

Renovated and freshly refurbished apartment at Fraser hills. The rooms are clean with good views. It is located away from the town thus it is serene and peaceful.  Rooms are equipped with hot water and hair drier. The balcony offers great refreshing views while apartment is also equipped with kitchen. Free parking for guests


Green Acres Fraser Hill

Green acre is a colonial bangalow this is tucked away from Bukit Fraser town. This place is spacious with nice clean bedroom. You can fit at least 20 pax into the bangalow.


80 Colonie (16 Pax)

80 Colonie is a freshly decorated apartment that can fit up to 16 pax which is perfect if you are going on a big group of friends or family.  It has a choice of 16 pax or 4 pax apartment room.  Rooms are simple yet modern.  The apartment also offers good views from the balcony. The kitchen is equipped with coffee machine.


Habitat Fraser’s Hill

Habitat is an apartment rental in Fraser hill.  This property is equipped with hot baths, TV and many more.