The role of culture is important, it shows the customs, arts, civilization and achievements of a particular time or people. Spiritual strength depends on the strength of the culture.

In fact, culture inspires the will, ambition and aspirations, values and the habits that influence our lives. Together with the political, economic, social well-being and will portray the achievements of the development of a society.


To carry out the activities, aspects emphasized are with the view of development of culture, some of which includes:

To increase the cultural activities that encourages the public to be more involved in the public acceptance of the National Culture;

Expansion of Arts & Culture through projects under the auspicious of strengthening of the policy, development, assistance and education of the various kinds of arts;

The correction and strengthening of the cultured and united, peaceful and progressive public and the strengthening of moral and spiritual values based on the national aspirations;

To enhance the arts and cultural activities to enhance the loyalty and the love to the nation;

To create and produce arts of high standard at the same time, create cultural industry that will uplift the race’s standings;

Varied the cultural activities that will help in the growth of the tourism industry that contributes to the economic growth.



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