Brinchang is a hill area located at a height of 1,540 meters in Cameron Highlands. It is the second highest town in Cameron Highlands, a humid area about 2km away from Tanah Rata and 3km from Kea Farm. It has a relatively small group but has a very compact development as a tourist center that has local tastes and tastes. It is one of a number of centers with shops, restaurants and budget hotels, holiday apartments and many other amenities. Brinchang comes from the name of Gunung Brinchang.


With cool air and green hills and lush pastures and a touch of colonial nostalgia, Cameron Highlands attracts tourists to come and holiday here. Brinchang is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. You can even do some fun activities with your family. Here’s a list of locations and activities you can do in Brinchang:

  • Visit the tea plantations – It would not be complete if you went to Cameron Highlands without visiting the tea plantations. The tea plantations in Cameron Highlands are among the fastest growing farms in Malaysia. Visitors have the opportunity to see the farm workers pick up fresh tea leaves for tea powder.
  • Ice cream at the Lavender Garden – Visitors can see beauty of the purple lavender flowers and some of the other types of flowers that are also here. Visitors also have the opportunity to taste lavender or strawberry ice cream, hot coffee and tea as well as other snacks. The entrance fee to Lavender Garden is RM 10 for adults.
  • Visit the strawberry fields – Cameron Highlands is the only place to grow strawberries all year long. Visitors can visit this farm from May to August and experience the freshness of the strawberries found here. In addition to tasting fresh strawberries, visitors can also try ice cream as well as strawberry jam, milk, juice, strawberry waffle which is also exciting.
  • Rose Garden – There are up to 100 different colors of roses that are colorful and very attractive. Fans of roses must be happy for themselves.
  • Cactus Valley – There are so many cactus trees here in different sizes and shapes.
  • Time Tunnel Museum – Visitors can enter the Time Tunnel Museum honoring the local and ancient culture through more than 1,000 artefacts, pictures and memorable.
  • Butterfly Farm – The park is one of the oldest and most popular attractions in Cameron Highlands. There are so many colorful butterflies fluttering around this park.
  • Visit Sam Poh Temple – This temple is the largest Buddhist temple complex in the highlands, featuring architectural designs of hand-carved dragon sculptures and ceramic tiles.
  • Hiking Brinchang Mountain and Mossy Forest – Travel to Brinchang Mountain and Mossy Forest with exotic flora and vegetation such as apes, ferns and more.
  • Golf – Golfers can play golf at Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf Club, located between Brinchang and Tanah Rata. With 18 holes, this golf course is the only one located in Cameron Highlands.
  • Night Market – Night markets in Brinchang sell local produce, street food and cheaper souvenirs.


How To Get There

By Car : Drive from Tapah or Simpang Pulai, Perak or from Kuala Lumpur 

By Bus : From Kuala Lumpur take about five hours, from Ipoh take about two hours and take five hours from Butterworth  

Things To Do

  • Visit tea plantations
  • Lavender Garden
  • Cactus Valley
  • Eat strawberry
  • Rose Garden
  • Butterfly Farm
  • Time Tunnel Museum
  • Sam Poh Temple
  • Hiking and trekking
  • Night market
  • Golf