Brinchang Hotel

Nestled with a panoramic view of Cameron Highlands, Brinchang is renowned for its cool climate and beautiful landscapes. As the highest and second-largest township in Cameron Highlands, it has become a favoured destination for those wanting to escape the city life and enjoy nature. Visitors can indulge the tranquillity and beauty of Brinchang while staying in unique hotels that offer different experiences.

Jasmine Hotel

For travellers looking for an affordable stay without ignoring the comfortability, then Jasmine Hotel might be the best choice. The hotel’s cosy rooms offer a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration. Located at the centre of Brinchang, it took only a few minutes to get to Brinchang Night Market and other attractions.


Strawberry Park Resort

Surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery, Strawberry Park Resort makes a great option for a stay in Brinchang. Awakened to views of tea plantations and the refreshing climate, the resort is an ideal choice to enjoy the landscape of Cameron Highlands identity.


Kavy Boutique Hotel

Kavy Boutique Hotel is a contemporary boutique hotel that combines modern elegance with urban chic, providing a sophisticated stay experience. With its central location, this hotel offers easy access to Brinchang’s attractions and eateries, making it a convenient choice for exploration.


G Residence

As holiday seasons are the time for huge family gatherings, we will need a place that can fit everyone. Worry not as you can rent the whole semi-detached unit in G Residence. With spacious interiors, it is contemporary designed with high quality furnishings.


Minion Emerald Avenue

Step into the world of minions, where you can be immersed in the theme of blue and yellow. As the saying goes, “don’t kill your inner child”, Minion Emerald Avenue is the perfect fit for that. Uniquely inspired by the popular cartoon Minions, it is suitable for family & friends gathering as this accommodation can bring up a good mood with its cheerful decoration.


The Wooden Cottage

With its wooden interiors and warm ambiance, the cottage creates a welcoming atmosphere. The apartment is spacious and can comfortably accommodate 9 people, decorated with simple yet elegant white-themed decoration.


As you delve into the enchanting town of Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, these distinctive hotels offer an array of experiences. These diverse hotels offer a range of experiences to suit every traveller’s preference. Complete your adventure in this highland with a perfect stay that meets your needs.