Apart from the ordinary hotels in Bentong town, the accommodation at Bukit Tinggi serves those looking for relaxation and leisure. You can feel the crisp, cool and fresh air, which invigorates the mind and body. Here, you can go for a round of golf, or stay in the theme park, with French setting. Other sporting activities include tennis, archery, an excellent gymnasium and a swimming pool. In addition, you also use this place for meetings, training courses or seminars, theme parties and product launches.

For those looking for a challenge whilst training, there is an alternative for you in the form of motivational courses and other forms of training. These are held in the cool atmosphere and the costs are reasonable.

There are also many training camps at Janda Baik, offering accommodation in a different atmosphere. Some of the activities in the training camps are jungle trekking, abseiling, flying fox, obstacle course, etc. Some of the more illustrious places to visit in this vicinity are the Chamang Waterfalls, which is close to Bentong town. Chamang Village is at the end of Jalan Loke Yew. A popular site for picnics for families it is also popularly known as ‘lover’s falls’. The Lentang Forest Recreation Park is another relaxing and educational holiday destination near Bentong. It provides camping sites. The park boasts an arboretum where trees and plants are cultivated for scientific and medical research. Approximately 20 minutes drive from Bentong along the old Kuala Lumpur road, you will be able to locate the Bentong Hot Springs. The dissolved minerals in the waters which are volcanic in origin are said to therapeutic for the body