The Agro Resort Sungai Semuji in Kuantan offers a holiday of tranquility and fun in the midst of a tropical wilderness. Here, you will happily find modern-day conveniences harmonized thoughtfully with a host of leisure pursuits of the “nature” kind. One of the most popular must undoubtedly be the “Durian Waiting” season. This takes place usually from June through August when swollen golden-green ‘durian’ detach themself from tree when ripe.

How to get there

Agro Sg. Semuji is located beside the Highway to Kuala Lumpur, known as Jalan Gambang.


Mangala Resort

If you are near Jalan Gambang, you can also check out Mangala Resort, one of the top rated hotel resort in Pahang. This top rated resort it built on a once deserted tin mining area. Mangala Resort Project rejuvenate and healed the barren tin mine into a nature retreat spot that it is today.  The sort is 100% green and eco friendly where no hunting and fishing is allowed.  There are plenty of villa choices and most with magnificent nature view.  Enjoy your meal on the varandah facing natural greenery of Mangala Resorts villa today.


Things To Do

Jungle Trekking
Horse Ridin
Four Wheel-Drive Treasure Hunt Expeditions